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Jermaine Butler Biography

Entrepreneur, (1973–)
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Entrepreneur Jermaine Butler has made a name for himself first as a father of  two amazing children Jaylynn Butler and Jamaine Butler, successful limousine business owner and record holding athlete.


The son of retired Securities Trader and youth advocate Valata Dewalt-Butler, Jermaine Butler was born on August 7, 1973 in Queens , New York.  He attended Central State University. After school Butler, began his journey for business ownership. With his passion for vehicles he soon realized transportation was his calling. Butler has started one of the fastest growing Limousine franchises in the world. Zenith Limousine & Jets.

Early Years

When growing up Butler had a somewhat troubled past. In the course of his dealings with the law, His upbringing has affected Butler greatly, and he said in an interview, "Sometimes I can't believe I'm not incarcerated or dead. I am amazed at myself for being who I am"