Jermaine Butler is a humble, caring, and goal driven. He helps anyone that he comes in contact with from family to clients to perfect strangers. He is always the problem solver in any situation.


Butler has always enjoyed starting and running businesses. In fact, by the time he was 16 he had his own business cards and he had already started an interest in selling rims for cars. Soon afterwards, Butler began creating an empire and a legacy for years to come. Now he is the sole owner of Zenith Limousine, which Zenith Limousine is fully licensed for private hire offering limousine hire and Chauffeur Car Company operating through approved franchises that can provide a vehicle to suit your needs and wishes. We offer services at very competitive prices and will cater to your specific occasion.


Our reputation ensures that you receive the very best, a local service, high standards, ethical business practices and modern vehicles. We provide special personal touch and attention to your personal requests.


Our aim is to give everybody a chance of having a memorable, enjoyable, and safe experience. So you can expect from us high level of service, commitment and care.


I’m the owner/operator of Zenith Limousine we provide the following services Limousine service, Valet service , Private Jet service and Travel Agency service to clients in the following locations Madison, WI, Miami, FL Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV so they can So you can expect from us high level of service, commitment and care.


Our employees are dress in suit attire and will do their best to ensure you enjoy your local limo hire experience! All our limo drivers are fully trained chauffeurs, all with proper licenses, who know how to make your night extra special so you can be sure you will be in safe hands. The limousine driver will even assist the clients with their baggage. And they will assure you are being taken into the business destination comfortably and at the right time. Our drivers are selected to be courteous, polite and safe.


I got into this line of business in 2003 when my family had a family and I was asked to pick up family from the airport so reluctantly I did it. As I started picking up relatives they were giving me money either for tips or for gas it added up quickly and at that point it hit me…. Car service is the way to go!


My favorite part of having a Limousine business is seeing the joy we put on our clients face on a daily basis, because it allows me to remain humble and know that our services are needed in the country. Also, meeting the celebrities can be a lot of fun!


When I’m not working on Zenith Limousine, I like to work out and travel.